Saskatoon Water Heaters

Saskatoon Water Heaters

Experienced plumbing technicians from Furnace King work on Saskatoon water heaters throughout the year. If you’re having trouble with the temperature of your water, are running out of hot water in the middle of a shower, or are experiencing issues with the systemitself, contact Furnace King for affordable plumbing and heating services. The repair of a water heater is typically not expensive and can often keep your system going strong without the need of a replacement. Contact our team today at 306-717-8511 to speak with a water heater pro today.

6 Signs Homeowners Should Repair Saskatoon Water Heaters

1. Have you noticed loud noises coming from your hot water tank? Gurgling sounds, whistling, and other unusual noises are clear signs that sediment is present at the bottom of your tank. While some plumbers will recommend that homeowners replace sediment-filled Saskatoon water heaters, At Furnace King, we’d rather offer a more affordable solution, such as draining and cleaning the tank and checking to see whether heating elements need to be replaced.

2. Are you experiencing irregular water temperatures, such as hot water at the beginning of a shower or when you first start washing dishes and lukewarn temperatures after running the water for a few minutes? Our professionals can come out and take a look at your system to find out what’s going on- and make repairs.

3. Rust-colored or off-color water are both warning signs that you need to have your water heater services promptly. Never drink tap water that is not clear- instead, get in touch with a Furnace King technician and let us know about the problem.

4. If you see pooling water or leaks from the tank, your water heater will need immediate attention from one of our plumbers. Don’t wait in a case such as this- reach out to our team by calling 306-717-8511.

5. Is your water heater more than 10 years old? Repairs and maintenance might delay the inevitable replacement, but in time, you’ll need to start saving for a new water heating system. Ask our team for advice when we come out to work on your water heater- we’ll recommend a replacement time, offer a recommendation for a new system, and handle the installation for you, too. We are known throughout the community for reliable water heater repair service in Saskatoon.

6. Rising energy bills are a fairly sure sign that something is not right with your water heater. In the event that you’re seeing higher electric or gas bills, reach out to Furnace King to perform a systems check. Count on us for affordably-priced water heater maintenance and installation.

We do a lot more than work on Saskatoon water heaters; reach our pros for a furnace repair, A/C maintenance, HVAC repairs & replacements, fireplace repair, and equipment installation. Read about our company’s commitment to helping our customers stay comfortable in their homes all throughout the year- you’ll find a wealth of resource and information on our website, including a portfolio of past projects.

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