Residential Misting System

Depending on where you live, residential misting systems may become your best friends when the summer heat hits hard. These systems offer the next generation of backyard cooling and can help you and your loved ones enjoy your outdoor living space even during the height of the summer.

Like all misting systems, our residential misting system work through the principle of evaporative cooling. This involves water and air. The residential mister ideally creates tiny water droplets by pumping through regular hose pressure, a mid-pressure pump, or even a high-pressure pump.

Many people think misting systems are only meant for large outdoor spaces common in commercial buildings. So, they often wonder how a residential misting system will defer from a commercial one. Here, we compare commercial and residential misting systems and our picks of the best residential systems.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Misting Systems

While they practically serve the same purpose, residential and commercial misting systems are not exactly the same. They use the same principle of evaporative cooling and achieve similar results, but their areas of application differ.

Residential misting systems are primarily used in residential buildings. They are installed in gardens, patios, and other parts of outdoor living space. Residential misting systems can use high-pressure, mid-pressure, or low-pressure pumps.

Considering their size, purpose, and installation requirements, residential misting systems are affordable. Many of them come in preassembled form, allowing homeowners to set them up quickly and start enjoying the benefits they offer immediately.

Commercial misting systems are not so different from residential systems in terms of purpose and operation. The major difference is in their areas of application. As the name suggests, these misting systems are used in commercial settings.

Commercial misting systems are mostly used for a number of outdoor projects in environments that need cooling. They can be seen in places like restaurant patios, poolside bars, amusement parks, tennis courts, golf courses, and similar outdoor settings.

In terms of size, commercial misting systems are most often larger than residential misting systems. Considering the fact that they are used in public settings that contain many people and not just a household, this is normal. They may utilize

The Best Residential Misting Systems

Are you currently in the market for the best residential misting system that will help you enjoy your patio and other outdoor living areas better? We have just what you are looking for right here.

We have affordable mister kits that come with top-quality components that will reliably produce refreshing mist in your backyard or patio. These patio misters are available for under $100.

As mentioned earlier, residential misting systems come in different sizes. Some of our current sizes include:

  • 20’ kits with 11 nozzles
  • 30’ kits with 16 nozzles
  • 40’ kits with 21 nozzles
  • 50 kits with 26 nozzles.

We also mentioned earlier that these systems come preassembled, so installing them will not be a problem. It is also possible to upgrade each unit with a 200 PSI booster pump to enhance misting and improve cooling.

Call us or shop now at cool-off.com for the best misting systems: 800-504-6478.

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