Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

Did you just buy a new mini-split air conditioner to ward off the heat of the season? You may be thinking about how to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner. Or should I go for an AC installation near me? Although the process is pretty easy for professionals, but you can also install your mini-split if you have some basic knowledge about handling tools and fixing HVAC systems.

A Step-By-Step Guide On Installing A Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioner:

Mini-split air conditioner installation will become a simple process if you use the below-mentioned step-by-step tutorial.

Equip Yourself With The Right Tools:

Like mini-split installation professionals, you must have all the basic tools in your toolbox including a wrench, drill, pliers, and a hole saw.

Then, start following the guideline below to start the installing process.

Step 1: Choose an exterior wall where you need to mount your mini-split. Make sure the wall has no wires or pipes that may cause you trouble during installation.

Step 2: Once you have finalized the wall for your mini-split, before fixing the brackets, mark the place for the studs.

Step 3: Next you have to drill a pilot hole from the inside wall for the line set. The hole must reach the other side of the wall without any obstructions. Keep in mind to drill the hole a little bit downwards so that the condensate can easily drain outside.

Step 4: Use a hole saw to drill a full-size hole from both sides of the wall. Ensure that there is no blocking in the wall cavity that may affect the installation process.

Step 5: Next take the line set covered in plastic collar through the hole. This line set will be connected to the condenser. Then pass the drain line from the mole and connect it with the extension line. Don’t forget to secure the joint with electrical tape.

Step 6: Cover the line set passing from the hole with a foam sleeve and then place the evaporator on the mounting bracket.

Step 7: Now it’s time to fix the condenser. Before joining the line set with the condenser, ensure that the lines are well-settled with the wall. Then mount the condenser on the wall bracket.

Step 8: The final step requires you to connect the refrigerant lines with the condenser. Before turning on the power, check the electrical connection to look for any leaks.

Once the condenser is connected with the line set, you must cover the line with plastic or metal channel. Use self-tapping screws to properly fix the channel. Also, allow the drain line to go outside the channel.

Why Consider A Professional For The Installation Process?

Well, the installation of mini-split may look simpler to you, but the entire job requires approximately 3-4 hours, and even then several things may go wrong.

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Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

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Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

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