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Whether it’s a furnace failure or a lack of cold air, our experts are here to provide any HVAC repair you may need, no matter how big or small. We offer professional services without any surprises so that you and your family can get back to your everyday life.

Our heating and cooling technicians are trained in a wide variety of heating and cooling systems and are sure to have a solution to your problems. Having working heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is one of the critical components to your house feeling like a home, or your employees being comfortable during their workday.

Beyond comfort, HVAC issues could be costing you money. For most homes, heating and cooling account for almost 50% of their total bills. If there is a problem in your heating or cooling system, it may be having to work much harder than it is designed to, causing you to use more energy, and incur higher costs.

Common HVAC Issues We Repair

While every situation is different, there are some common problems that our HVAC service technicians often repair. Here are some of the things we see most frequently

AC Refrigerant Leak Repairs

If your AC system is blowing air, but it isn’t cold, you could be the victim of a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is what makes the air cold that blows through your system, and if it leaks out from the system at all, much like your car, the performance of your AC will suffer. Over time, refrigerant leaks also cause more stress on your system, forcing the condenser and other parts to work harder than they usually would.

If you think you may have a refrigerant leak, call us right away. Fixing the problem quickly can save you major trouble in the long run.

Electrical Failures Repairs

If your fan isn’t blowing, or your system simply isn’t turning on at all, you may have some sort of electrical failure happening. Electric failures often occur in the systems season of use, as they are turned on and off more often, as well as run for extended periods. AC units have capacitors and fuses that can fail, and when they do, we are here to fix them.

Thermostat Issue Repairs

Often, the issue isn’t in the unit, but in the thermostat itself. If the thermostat isn’t sending a signal to your AC or Furnace, it doesn’t matter how well they operate. When the sensors in your thermostat fail, you are no longer able to set your home to a comfortable temperature. If this happens, call us immediately!

Why Choose Us For Your HVAC System Repairs

Licensed, Experienced Staff – We don’t hire just anyone. All of our HVAC repair technicians are certified and licensed to be working on your heating and cooling systems. We have a wealth of HVAC experience and have seen any problem that you could present to us. We’re sure to have someone on staff with the expertise needed to get you fixed up!

Free Estimates – We don’t perform any work that you don’t sign off on. We never leave any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill and treat our customers exactly how we would want to be treated. We’ll give you a free estimate, with a clear plan to perform the work you need. Your home is in good hands with our technicians!

Your Comfort is Our Priority – Our commitment to customer care doesn’t stop at offering competitive pricing. We always work hard to stick to any repair deadlines and will be at your home when we say we will. Our customer service professionals and technicians will treat with respect and understanding as we work to solve your HVAC problems. We know having your AC or heat go out can be frustrating, and we are here to help!


Why Choose NEIGHBORS HVAC Repair

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Neighbors HVAC delivers quality on-time service techs you can trust to improve the comfort and energy savings for your home. Our experienced team is trained and certified with the latest HVAC equipment and can quickly diagnose your system’s problems. We provide expert service on all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment for both residential and commercial use. Neighbors HVAC prides ourselves on delivering affordable HVAC services and won’t sell you parts or services you don’t really need.

Heating and Air Service Area

When you need a trusted, affordable, expert HVAC service near you we have technicians located throughout Riverside County, CA and serve the cities of Canyon Lake, Corona, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Perris, Temecula, Wildomar, and Winchester.

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Are you ready to get help with your heating or cooling problems? Call us today. Our team is waiting to help put together a repair plan that works for you. Don’t delay!


Happy HVAC Customers

Our AC was blowing hot air in mid-summer, so we needed a fix fast. My technician was extremely knowledgable and arrived on time as promised. He discovered a leak in the pipe that attaches to our AC unit and was able to fix it quickly and get us up and running again thankfully. I won't hesitate to call Neighbors HVAC again for our AC yearly service.

Franklin Little

Lake Elsinore, CA, Google Review

AC unit started blowing hot air on one of the hottest days in Temecula. I called several AC companies in the valley, and everyone was either busy or didn't return my call. These guys picked right up, and they were able to send Juan out the same day. They came and diagnosed the issue right away the price was reasonable, and the repair was super fast. Thanks guys!

Marquis Oropeza

Canyon Lake, CA, Google Review

Neighbors HVAC is a solid company. My AC unit unexpectedly went bad after 15 years, and they replaced quickly and professionally. They were very affordable and knowledgeable in what I needed and didn't try to sell me on something I didn't need which is really important to me. I have told several of my friends about Neighbors.

Wesley Dow

Lake Elsinore, CA, Google Review


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