High Pressure Misting System Pump

When it comes to High-Pressure Misting Systems, the adage “you get what you pay for” is particularly true. All mist devices, without a doubt, have a pleasant cooling impact on humans, wildlife, and areas under heat stress, lowering the ambient temperature. Humidity and the temperature of the mist being emitted contribute to the decrease.

High-pressure mist systems have a range of benefits over medium- and even mid-pressure mist systems: 

To begin with, high pressure (defined as 800 PSI or greater) enables the usage of smaller orifice nozzles, resulting in smaller water particulate size and, of course, faster evaporation. Although certain high-pressure machine pumps will reach pressures of over 1000 PSI, this has little effect on the mist scale; this is only accomplished by the nozzle's orifice.

A low-pressure misting device (say, 60 PSI) can activate a 0.015” nozzle, but not any smaller. A 0.012” nozzle can be activated by a mid-pressure device (180-200 PSI). High-pressure devices will quickly power up.006 or.008 nozzles, resulting in a lovely hollow cone mist pattern.

Benefits of Using Our High-Pressure Misting System Pump

One of the biggest advantages of our high-pressure misting system pump is that it doesn't lose pressure along long lines even where there are a lot of nozzles along the line. At the end of the mist line, you'll see the same lovely spray pattern as at the beginning. When more than 25 nozzles are used or there are rough 90 degree turns in the water flow, low and mid pressure systems lose their uniform spray.

High-pressure mist has a lot of uses in a variety of environments and may be classified as Commercial, Industrial, or Residential. Humidification of greenhouses, odor and dust suppression of refuse plants, and, of course, chilling outdoor patios with the smallest practicable nozzle are all commercial possibilities.

Excessive wetting of surfaces, appliances, and particularly patrons may be frowned upon in social settings. High pressure outdoor water misting equipment, particularly in drier climates, does an excellent job of rapidly evaporating and lowering the temperature.

Some of Our Top High-Pressure Misting System Pump

Let's take a look at some of our best high-pressure misting system pumps:

1000 PSI High-Pressure Mister

Our 1000 psi high-pressure mister is one of the best water cooling systems and can handle up to 80 nozzles on the mist line at once to meet your needs. The best part is that the pressure in these lines remains constant regardless of the distance. In addition, they spray a cold, high-pressure mist across the whole perimeter.

However, the more nozzles you attach to the misting device, the lower the pump's operating power becomes. The effect of this is that a 1000 psi pump could only be able to provide 600 or 800 psi in the end.

1500 PSI High-Pressure Mister

With the 1500psi high-pressure misting system, you can be assured that you have a machine with satisfactory operational capacity on your hand.  The number of nozzles added may, however, affect the misting pressure. Regardless, this mister can provide a finer, more effective mist that easily evaporates, leaving no moisture residue in your environment.

One of the finest pressure misting devices on the market, the 1500psi mister comes with excellent nozzles. So, if you're looking for the whole package, you should consider it. Though it could be more expensive, you would undoubtedly love it in the long run.

Our high-pressure misting systems pump will guarantee that you never experience any heat where you install them. Contact us today to discuss your custom cooling needs.

High Pressure Misting System Pump

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