foundation repair Burnaby

foundation repair Burnaby

A good drainage system prevents water and sewage from accumulating in the house or compound. On the other hand, a faulty system can cause considerable damage to property. At Urban Water Works, we offer drainage foundation repair in Burnaby. Our services include installation, repair, and replacement of drainage systems.

What are the Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repair?

The following are signs that your water line is damaged:

  • Your Water Bills Have Risen Drastically – If your water bill does not reflect your water usage, it could be because of leakage in your drainage system.
  • Discoloured Water – Brown water may be an indication of corroded pipes. Over time, the inner surfaces of pipes degrade, and pieces of material may be carried along with water, causing discoloration, especially if they have rust.
  • Low Water Pressure – If your water maintains a low pressure for an extended period without any improvement, your plumbing could be leaking.
  • Extra Green and Soggy Spots on the Lawn – This is the easiest way to discover a burst underground sewage pipe.
  • Damp Ceiling and Walls – Both point to a leak in the pipes going through the ceiling or behind the walls.

What Causes Damage to the Drainage System?

Your home drainage system may get damaged by:

  • Faulty Seals – Loose pipe connections cause gradual, continuous leakage that eventually dampens your walls and floorboards.
  • Flooding – Sometimes, when it rains, there's an overflow into the main drainage system. That causes sewage to back up, ending up in your sink or toilet. Backup valves can help you prevent such from occurring.
  • Tree Roots – Underground pipes can be damaged by growing tree roots, causing leakage, which affects the water flow and pressure.

Ways to Clean Your Drain

Cleaning your drain prevents blockage and odours. The following are ways you can clean your drain:

  • Use a Plunger– A plunger can be used to unclog toilets, sinks, and tubs. Fill the sink with water until the drain is covered, then press the plunger on the drain. The pipe will unclog after a few quick pumps.
  • Clean with a Snake Drain Auger – A drain auger allows you to reach into the pipes for clogs that are further down. Remove the drain trap, then insert the auger into the pipe. Rotate the cable while you push forward until you encounter resistance, which is the clog. Keep pushing at it until the cable goes through, then pull it back.

Cleaning your drain monthly will keep clogs from becoming too serious. Also, it will help you to detect odd smells that don’t go away after cleaning, an indication of issues that may need professional attention.

Let the Experts Fix it For You

While some minor drainage issues, such as a clogged sink, can be a simple DIY project, it’s advisable to get a professional to address more complex foundation repair issues. At Urban Water Works, we’ll use video drain and sewer inspection to determine where the exact problem is before getting to work. Call us today on 604-337-1196 for foundation repair in Burnaby or any other drainage issue you have.

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foundation repair Burnaby

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