Emergency Water Heater Service New York

Emergency Water Heater Service New York

Emergency Water Heater Service New York

NY Water Heater is dedicated to the honest and reliable inspection or repair of your oil, gas, tankless, or electric water heater or boiler. Schedule your appointment now to have our expert technicians quickly and proficiently diagnose your water heating problem. Did you know that water heating is the second largest energy consuming appliance in your home? Properly maintaining your water heater by flushing regularly, replacing your anode rod, and having a properly sized functioning expansion tank will assure you will get the most from your appliance. The average storage tank type water heater should last 11-20 years, and tankless style water heaters should last 15-25 years. And when its time to replace your current appliance, consider a new high efficiency energy star appliance that will give you many years of comfort and a great return on investment!

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Emergency Water Heater Service New York

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