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When an air conditioning unit suddenly fails to cooperate, especially on a hot summer day, it creates havoc for residents and businesses who are in need of cool air. A broken air conditioner is never convenient for anyone and is a troubling problem for those without prior knowledge on how to fix these machines. Not only can excess heat make people uncomfortable in their homes or offices, but the extreme heat and humidity that may occur could cause health complications as well. A well-working air conditioner should be able to lessen humidity levels that would overall help the displeasure of summer temperatures.

How To Know When To Replace Your AC Unit

There are a few common symptoms that individuals can encounter with their AC unit which can lead them to believe that they need a replacement. As a resident or business owner, the first thing you should do is consider how long it has been since you have had your AC system installed. An air conditioner usually lasts on average approximately 10-15 years so if your AC’s lifespan is nearing 10 years or more, it is highly likely that it would be more cost effective to replace it instead of paying for repairs. Another way to indicate that you need a new AC unit is if yours is overall not efficient enough. More modern HVAC systems have a SEER of 14 or higher for better comfort and energy efficiency. If yours is lower than 14 or if your utility bills are starting to get more costly than usual, you may want to replace it with a newer unit that has a higher efficiency in order to reduce your energy expenses.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is excessive dust in your house and if you notice the cooling components of your HVAC are not properly maintaining a consistent temperature. This could very well mean that there are leaks or other issues with your ductwork that are causing the HVAC system to lose pressure. Also, if you are considering that your air conditioning unit is unusually loud and unpleasant sounding, then that could mean your duct system is not big enough for your home, a problem homeowners might not be aware of, or that there is a problem with the unit’s indoor coil.

Benefits of a New AC Unit

There are many benefits to replacing your AC unit. Continuous repairs to your air conditioning unit can become undoubtedly expensive. The first benefit that a homeowner or business owner will recognize when replacing their unit is a significant drop in their electric bills. New systems are continually improving their efficiency. This means that your HVAC unit will presumably be more efficient than the last model you owned.

Another benefit is that there is a newer R-410a refrigerant that releases fewer carbon emissions which makes it more eco-friendly. By installing the newer AC system, you will notice a meaningful difference and improvement in your home’s air quality. This is especially important if you have someone who suffers from asthma in your house because debris in your HVAC system can cause flare-ups. This can easily cause a dangerous situation, however, when you replace the system, this issue gets resolved as the build-up of dust is removed. Another way a new AC unit can be beneficial is that the older the air conditioner is, the louder it gets. With a new one, you may notice that it is a lot quieter which is almost always favorable. Replacing your old AC system can overall give you peace of mind and can greatly contribute to improving the quality of your space.

Get a Free Estimate

If you would like to replace your AC unit, but are unsure of the costs, no need to worry. We do free estimates on all homes and offices. Our process is very efficient and straightforward. First, one of our certified technicians will come to your building and evaluate your heat levels for your system. Then, we will take specific measurements of the home or office, such as size and shape, to properly analyze any issues you may be experiencing. We will also be observing sun exposure. Next, we inspect current insulation levels, R-values, and ventilation systems to make sure there is the right amount of airflow throughout your building. Lastly, we will visually inspect the outer parts of your place to figure out of there any considerably sized leaks in the ceilings, walls, windows, or doors. Once our inspection is complete, we can offer you a quote and begin to repair or replace your system.



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We always put you, the customer, first. Our goal is always to leave your home with you knowing that your AC unit is in great shape, and ready to function properly for years to come. Fortunately, our expertly trained AC technicians know precisely what to look for when they come to your home to inspect your AC. We’ll look at your AC system from top to bottom, both inside the house, and out. We check filters, refrigerant, the condenser coils, the fan system, and more. While we work, we’ll, of course, keep an eye out for any other issues we see and discuss these problems with you when we are done.

We’ll also be sure that your system is free from any dust or dirt that can build up over time. This dirt can often lead to major system issues. We’ll also leave you with tips on how to keep your AC system running smoothly, like changing your filters regularly, especially during the summer when your AC is often running.

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When you need a trusted, affordable, expert HVAC service near you we have technicians located throughout Riverside County, CA and serve the cities of Canyon Lake, Corona, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Perris, Temecula, Wildomar, and Winchester.

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Happy HVAC Customers

Our AC was blowing hot air in mid-summer, so we needed a fix fast. My technician was extremely knowledgable and arrived on time as promised. He discovered a leak in the pipe that attaches to our AC unit and was able to fix it quickly and get us up and running again thankfully. I won't hesitate to call Neighbors HVAC again for our AC yearly service.

Franklin Little

Lake Elsinore, CA, Google Review

AC unit started blowing hot air on one of the hottest days in Temecula. I called several AC companies in the valley, and everyone was either busy or didn't return my call. These guys picked right up, and they were able to send Juan out the same day. They came and diagnosed the issue right away the price was reasonable, and the repair was super fast. Thanks guys!

Marquis Oropeza

Canyon Lake, CA, Google Review

Neighbors HVAC is a solid company. My AC unit unexpectedly went bad after 15 years, and they replaced quickly and professionally. They were very affordable and knowledgeable in what I needed and didn't try to sell me on something I didn't need which is really important to me. I have told several of my friends about Neighbors.

Wesley Dow

Lake Elsinore, CA, Google Review


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